Looking for creative ways to play at home. Here are some ideas for a rainy day this summer.

Your child can use a laundry basket to…..

  • Play delivery games by placing toys inside and pushing them to a destination
  • Push it around a ‘“racetrack” such as a table or something they create
  • Get inside and make it rock like a boat
  • Hold it in their hands and catch items thrown to them
  • Get inside and be pushed by another person
  • To be a pretend zoo for their stuffed animals 

Your child can use a blanket to,,,,

  • Roll up inside like a burrito
  • Put it over a table or chair to make a fort
  • Use it as a parachute with friends or grownups
  • Get on and be pulled around the room
  • Wrap it up and turn it into a nest for themselves or their stuffed animals

Your child can use a large box to…

  • Get inside and relax
  • Decorate with markers, tape, stickers, etc
  • Get inside and be pushed by another person 
  • Create a home or garage for their toys
  • Create a tunnel to go through

Your child can use pillows to…

  • Make a pile of pillows to jump into
  • Create a path to walk on
  • Make a pile to dig through for a treasure hunt
  • Have a pillow fight
  • Carry or push them for a delivery game

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